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Is C+ a safer C?

Niall Cooling - Available in 2 hours and 4 minutes (2021-12-09 04:00 EST) - Duration: 42:06

Is C+ a safer C?
Niall Cooling
No, that's not a typo – C+ is a common programming model where effectively C is being written but compiled with a C++ compiler. Why would you do that? Surprisingly two very popular IoT programming platforms; Arduino (https://www.arduino.cc/) and Arm’s Mbed (https://os.mbed.com/) use this programming paradigm. C+ (C++ as C) brings with it several useful extensions to C that can help enhance program safety and security. This talk looks at some of the small, but significant, useful features that compiling with a C++ compiler brings, without any penalties to size or performance.
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