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Niall Cooling

Niall Cooling is a Chartered Engineer and Feabhas founder, one of the leading independent providers of training and consultancy for real-time embedded systems development and software competency. He has been delivering training and providing consultancy and mentoring to a wide variety of leading electronics companies world-wide for over 20 years. Niall regularly works with a wide range of industries, ranging from industrial control to consumer devices and defence. Much of his recent work has been guiding companies around the necessary skills and tools to comply with automotive standards, such as ISO 26262, MISRA-C and Adaptive-Autosar.

Is C+ a safer C?

Status: Available Now

No, that's not a typo – C+ is a common programming model where effectively C is being written but compiled with a C++ compiler. Why would you do that? Surprisingly two very popular IoT programming platforms; Arduino (https://www.arduino.cc/) and Arm’s Mbed (https://os.mbed.com/) use this programming paradigm. C+ (C++ as C) brings with it several useful extensions to C that can help enhance program safety and security. This talk looks at some of the small, but significant, useful features that compiling with a C++ compiler brings, without any penalties to size or performance.

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