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IoT Development in the Cloud

Chris Shore - Arm - Available in 1 hours and 27 minutes (2021-12-09 04:00 EST) - Duration: 28:01

IoT Development in the Cloud
Chris Shore

The IoT is evolving rapidly and software development is being forced to evolve to match new demands. Increasingly, developers are under pressure to release earlier and update more often. Historically, early development has been tied to availability of hardware platforms on which to develop, test and prove new software. With the speed of change we are seeing these days, this is increasingly becoming a barrier.

At DevSummit recently, Arm announced Arm Virtual Hardware. This uses Arm Fast Models technology to enable cloud-based IoT development. Removing the requirement for hardware enables earlier start to the software development process, reduces cost and time-to-market. We’ll discuss in detail this technology and how we expect it to transform and accelerate software development and deployment.

We’ll also look to the future and imagine what the ecosystem in the cloud might look like.
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