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Tyler Hoffman

Embedded engineer with 7 years of industry experience and a passion for developer tools. Worked at Pebble and Fitbit helping them ship and maintain millions of wearable devices running RTOS-level firmware. Now a co-founder at Memfault, which is building monitoring tools for the IoT space. You can find some of the articles I've written at: https://interrupt.memfault.com/blog/authors/tyler/.

How to Employ Scalable and Reliable IoT Management Systems

Status: Coming up in December 2021!

IoT management systems that can handle large-scale deployments are complex to build and maintain, especially at scale. Firmware updates, debugging, monitoring, and security are all critical components of an IoT system, and they must be managed carefully to ensure smooth operations.

Building IoT management systems from scratch can be a daunting task. However, by understanding the key challenges involved and taking steps to address them, it is possible to build systems that are scalable, reliable, and easy to maintain. Watch this presentation to learn how to build IoT management systems that will ensure the smooth operation of an IoT deployment and flexibly adapt to your needs as your devices grow.

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Monitoring IoT Devices At Scale (2020)

Status: Available Now

I'd like to talk about how companies should think about and build out their IoT monitoring solutions using metrics. The differences between logs, metrics, and traces have been talked about at length in the software engineering space, but not for firmware. Using metrics to monitor a fleet of devices allows for assessing the health of thousands to millions of devices, even across groups of devices or firmware versions, all while keeping complexity, bandwidth, and power consumption to a minimum.

  • Know how to think about and build a metrics library for gathering compressed and aggregated metrics on devices
  • Understand the differences between logs, metrics, and traces, and why using metrics is the best way to monitor fleets of devices post-deployment.
  • Know the next steps on how to ingest the data in a server under their control to do monitoring analysis.
  • Learn some formulas for calculating fleet health, such as expected battery life, crash free hours, and average connectivity per hour.

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Live Q&A - Monitoring IoT Devices At Scale (2020)

Status: Available Now

Live Q&A with Tyler Hoffman following his talk titled 'Monitoring IoT Devices At Scale'

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