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John Little

John Little is the software engineer at Stellar Exploration, Inc., designing embedded software to control spacecraft hardware subsystems. In addition to his embedded design, he works on creating Python applications for testing and data analysis and building up software literacy throughout the company.

Prior to working at Stellar Exploration, John received his B.S. in general engineering from Harvey Mudd College, where he worked on projects in fields such as music signal processing, rocketry, robotics, plasma graphene production, counter-UAS defense systems, and insect behavior data analysis. He enjoys biking, surfing, and skiing, underwater basket weaving, and experimental music & literature.

Creating Your Own Development Environment

Status: Available Now

Modern software development tools have allowed more rapid, collaborative application development, but IoT and embedded software developers haven't always been able to best use these tools. Much of this is due to industry-defined development environments requiring clunky, non-automatic interfaces and platform-specific dependencies before you can deploy to your target. In this talk, I'll walk you through concepts and tools I use to build my environments, including versioning, virtualization, compilation, testing, continuous integration and deployment. After this talk, you'll be able to set up a snappy, replicable, and collaborative development environment to free your team from a constrained environment and build an integrated environment that best suits your needs.

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