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Remote Debugging & Monitoring for IoT Devices at Scale

- Memfault- Watch Now - Duration: 05:20

In this demo, you'll see how Memfault collects performance data like battery level and connectivity information and provides engineers with actionable insights. When an error happens, Memfault sends your team all the information you need to fix it right away. No need to reproduce it or ship the device back to the office. By automating data extraction, deduplication, aggregation, and alerting, Memfault reduces the detection of issues to minutes or hours instead of days or weeks. 

Memfault's cloud-based firmware issue detection and resolution features dramatically reduce engineering and support overhead, enabling you to ship and manage thousands to millions of IoT devices with confidence.

To chat directly with Francois and the other Memfault engineers or request a full demo of the Memfault platform, visit https://go.memfault.com/iot-online-conference-2020

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