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Low Power Design Technics and Current Profiling

Martin Guthrie

Low Power Design Technics and Current Profiling
Martin Guthrie

The availability of low power integrated circuits, specifically in the category of embedded system on a chip (SOC) microprocessors with wireless radio (WiFi, Bluetooth, LoRa, etc) functions has enabled battery powered solutions in a broad range of new markets and categories.  Products in the last decade have shrunk in size, from common cell phones, to smart watches, to ID badges, putting pressure on battery size.  In many applications, battery life is a key performance parameter for market acceptance, or competitive advantage.

The presentation introduces the audience to considerations that go into creating an optimal battery powered design from both hardware and software perspectives, and the importance of modeling.  Throughout the presentation there is focus on what to expect in the current profile based on the hardware and software design choices.  The audience will appreciate the difficulty in making good current measurements and why such measurements can’t be ignored in the product development life cycle.

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