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Building a Video Surveillance System with Torizon

Drew Moseley - Toradex- Watch Now - Duration: 27:10

Building a Video Surveillance System with Torizon
Drew Moseley
Setting up a Video Surveillance System with a commercial off-the-shelf solution is relatively easy to do, albeit potentially costly. With the availability of low-cost embedded hardware and USB webcams, there is no reason we cannot easily make our own system. Open-source software for managing such a system is readily available, distributed as containers for easy installation and configuration in a system. In this talk, we will cover the how-to of creating a surveillance system. We will use the Torizon platform and hardware from Toradex to quickly set up connected Embedded Linux devices to function as a Video Surveillance system. Commodity webcams will be used. The web-based front-end is easy to use and allows the hardware to be deployed and configured remotely. By the end of this talk, we will have a functioning system that viewers of this talk can replicate in their home or office.
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