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I love the Online Conference more than a physical one. During a physical conference, there were sessions I would miss because two sessions I was interested in occurred at the same time. Also, if some urgent issue needed my attention and I missed a session, I was out of luck. Now I can attend to the issue and still get the benefit of the session.Brad

How it works

Conventional conferences are usually fun and an opportunity to take a break from the work routine, travel to the conference destination, network with fellow engineers, eat at nice restaurants, etc.  

But conventional conferences are also expensive and time consuming -  a busy engineer can usually attend a maximum of one or two per year and sometimes none because of time and/or budget constrains.  

The IoT Online Conference is a virtual conference, which means no need to travel, inexpensive and the opportunity to attend high quality technical sessions from the comfort of your office (or almost anywhere else you see fit).  

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